WANTED: Innovators & advocates to help real estate consumers “save tens of billions annually” in fees


If you scan the months listed on the right side of this page, you’ll see a gap between blog posts during October 2014 and January 2015:

10/07/15:  Disrupt, reform or realign real estate: Opportunities to connect dots & build synergy

10/09/15:  Using calls to “disrupt real estate” to raise awareness of money-saving alternatives


01/08/15:  Collaborating with housing & real estate labs to save BILLIONS annually!

01/17/15:  CFPB & FTC protect options, empower real estate consumers to save money

During that gap, we weren’t idle…. Like many other real estate innovators, we were repeatedly posting comments on a controversial article in Enterpreneur Magazine entitled:  “Who will step up and disrupt the real estate industry”?  In the background, we were also quietly organizing an event to introduce innovators to leading real estate consumer advocates.  As the image and text above shows, we used the 262 anniversary of the Boston Tea Party to host a conversation about co-creating an open ecosystem in real estate by the year 2020, capable of delivering billions in consumer savings annually. (Hashtag:  #RE2020)

As we blogged yesterday, we hope to use a number of upcoming anniversaries to expand that conversation and continue to respond to calls for change coming from inside and outside the real estate industry.  Our goal is to encourage innovators, reformers and money-savings real estate business models — not to mention millons of DIY homebuyers and sellers — to think of themselves as a movement and to explore ways to create synergy to expand consumer savings.  As an informal group or adhocracy we call RECALL:  Real Estate Consumer Alliance, our hope is to deliver $30 billion annually by the year 2020.  Want to know where that figure came from — see the use of the phrase “tens of BILLIONS” (emphasis added) in the transcript below:

Congressional Hearing:  The Changing Real Estate Market

http://bit.ly/SaveBillionsRE (please share via social media)

FLASHBACK: Congressional Hearings on Anti-Competitive Real Estate Practices

Saturday July 25 is the 9th anniversary of congressional hearings on anti-competitive business practices in the real estate industry.  Industry insiders have been digesting an extensive report by Inman News on the possible impact of the current wave of money-saving real estate start-ups.  You can learn more about why survey results should catch the attention of anti-trust regulators again by reading this blog post and scanning the Facebook comment below:

07/17/15:  Will fee-for-service movement launch “Agency Revival” or DOJ/FTC inquiry into real estate?




IDEA STARTER:  Should we host a virtual conversation to take a look back at the Congressional Hearings on Anti-Competitive Real Estate Practices and a look forward at the impact hybrid real estate models may have on the industry?  You can begin engaging that topic on the link below.  What other questions should we seed beforehand and who should we invite to participate?

Will “hybrid” real estate startups cause an “Agency Revival”?

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