Want to Hangout & hack headlines about housing recovery?

Keeping a close eye on housing prices
Keeping our eyes wide open for insights into Runaway prices, we’re asking readers for links and quotes from good news stories that deconstruct the 10%+ rise in median housing prices in MA during April 2013. We’re looking for hard-hitting facts by price range and product type, comparisons of underlying fundamentals vs “artificial” factors, and counter arguements that question whether the surge in prices will be short-lived or points to a sustained recovery.

If see good content or have done your own analysis (graphs, etc), can you post recommended links here? EXAMPLE: What’s really happening with luxury single-family homes across Massachusetts? http://bit.ly/LuxLies

Would you like to meet informally online or off to cross-examine what really happening across different segments of the housing market statewide? Want to exploring how the current rise in prices looks in a broader historical context of boom / bust cycles so you can make a more informed decisions about your own home buying or selling plans?

Here are three possible ways we can begin that process:

1. Review content from one of our original “Bubble Hours” as the housing bubble was cresting in 1Q2006: http://bit.ly/Bubble0206

2. Watch a video tape from 15 years ago, May 1998, entitled, “Where are Housing Prices Heading?” and compare current headlines to the surge in housing prices during the last REAL sellers’ market in Boston.

3. Update “Haunted by the Housing Market,” our slideshow comparing housing trends and underlying fundamentals before Halloween in 2000 vs 2002. Will there be another October scare for the housing and stock markets in 2013?

If we revive our Bubble Hours through a combination of Google Hangouts as well as monthly meetings offline meetings, the mutual goal would be help build alternative scenarios about where are housing prices going over the next 2, 5 and 10 years to help potential consumers, particularly our homebuyer clients, make wiser choices.

Shall we tentatively meet informally during the next several days or evening in a family-friendly space or cafe? We’ve got some potential locations in Arlington, Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville but open to other suggestions and eager to experiment with Google+ Hangouts, too.

If you’re interested, please reply using this contact form, or by calling 617-661-4046 or emailing realestatecafe@gmail.com.

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