Use Pi Day to explain, hack the way the real estate commission pie is sliced?

BCA596BE-7489-420A-8545-7262DBA17902IDEA STARTER:  Should #RE2020 use Pi Day, the celebration of a never-ending number to celebrate the approaching end of the bloated, two-side real estate commission pie?

Real estate is not rocket science nor is it complex math which is why it might be fun to poke fun at the obsolete, two-sided real estate commission pie on Pi Day, Thursday, March 14 — 3.14.  We’ll use the occasion to talk about:

  1. How the current system evolved;
  2. Why it’s being challenged; and
  3. How to select money-saving options now and in the future.

The topic is timely because a massive class action lawsuit was brought against real estate giants last week, National Consumer Protection Week 2019.  If you visit the first link in the tweet below, you’ll find new stories are hitting the press:

Regardless of the outcome of the suit, you won’t need to wait for the Mass Office of Consumer Affairs or Attorney General’s office to learn on how to save money by working with a real estate company that rebates a slice of the commission pie.

Although @RealEstateCafe has been offering industry-leading rebates for years (see WSJ from 15 years ago), we believe rebates are overrated.  They’re potentially only a fraction of the value an experienced buyer agent can add.  Here’s Real Estate Cafe’s track record: (share via social media)

Text 617-661-4046 to meet on demand

To fit into your schedule on #PiDay, we’re willing to meet on demand OFFLINE on the MIT campus or anywhere in Greater Boston easily accessible by T.  If there’s enough demand, we’ll post a schedule online, and schedule 15 to 45 minute slots to meet over coffee or our favorite, over beer (we call it #REonTap).

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If you want to minimize commission costs and other hidden costs in the traditional reactive house hunting process, we can also explain our Proactive House Hunting strategies.  If you become a #ProactHH client, we’ll deduct $314.16 from our $1K retainer fee.

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