TweetUp: Bubble Hour to celebrate “Triple Dip” in housing market?

Insert Beer Googles

Monthly and quarterly housing statistics are being released today from local and national sources and we ready to celebrate — prices are down again!  As our DIY homebuyer clients know from The Real Estate Cafe’s previous blog and intranet posts, we recommend they develop a slideshow or business case to support their offers. So, as buyer agents who negotiate aggressively for the lowest possible prices, we hope other readers agree that headlines and charts about a “Triple Dip in housing” are powerful arguments to add to our “Talking Offers.”

Here’s a quick summary:

  • While Boston and Massachusetts are often out of step with national statistics, Banker & Tradesman reported that sales are up but median prices are down again, by 4%;
  • That’s the fourth straight month of declining prices; and
  • The 5th consecutive month of median sales prices under $300,000.
Looking forward

What’s your take on where housing prices are headed the balance of this year, and over the next five years.  Anyone want to TweetUp OFFLINE to discuss the latest statistics? If so, we’re invite you to share this link on via your social networks:

BUBBLE HOUR: #TweetUp 4Lunch> #Housing now done what could arguably be called #TripleDip #realestate#housing #bubble

— @RealEstateCafe February 28, 2012


Would you believe that we hosted our first “Bubble Hour” six years ago?  The housing market was so overheated the previous year, that you may be stunned by the numbers in this Flashback and amused to know that Craigslist deleted our forum posts, see our April 2005 rant “Bubble Hour” Banned in Boston:

With reporting that traffic on their real estate section surpassed 7 million pageviews for the first time in March 2005 and more than 1 million homes-for-sale searches, isn’t it fair to ask if consumers should think twice before rushing into an overheated housing market and to give them a forum — online and off — to learn more about the risks and benefits of buying in a real estate bubble?

TweetUp Times & Locations

We can TweetUp in Cambridge or downtown today, would Harvard Square, the North End, or my favorite, the Waterfront Cafe at the Institute of Contemporary Art be convenient for anyone? No need to order an expensive meal, we can simply talk over coffee.  Available online or off, over a late lunch today, mid or late afternoon, or maybe after 7pm tonight. Flexible other times this week, just propose a time

If you’re a seller, we recognize that today’s stories may have you crying in your beer as they did during the summer of 2008, but we welcome your perspectives on the housing market as well.

Shhh — want a Sneak peek at Best of Breed slides from our “Talking Offers”?

Menu of Talking Points

Want a sneak peek at some of the “Best of Breed” slides Real Estate Cafe clients have submitted in the past with their “Talking Offers?


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