#RETech Roll Call: Who’s representing consumers, delivering money-saving innovations & reforms?


#BosRETech UPDATE: There are at least three events worth attending this week in #RETech, two in Boston and one beyond:

5/15-5/20/17: Realtors Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo — #NARMidYear


5/17/17: MIT’s #DesignX Pitch & Demo Night — Follow @MITDesignX


5/18-19/17: MIT World Real Estate Forum — Follow #MITWorldREForum


If anyone from #RE2020 is attending one or more of the above, would you like to debrief afterwards to develop a better understanding of trends and opportunities?

If so, what’s the best time to share updates with three real estate related MeetUps in Boston — #BosRETech, #RECALL or #DefendREBuyers?  VOTE for preferred MeetUp time or propose another option:

http://bit.ly/VoteREDebrfNARMIT (share via social media)



The National Association of Realtors hosts two major conferences annually: (1) A mid-year meeting in Washington, DC so they can exercise their political clout with legislative visits, and (2) A major convention in November that rotates in various locations (including the first time ever in Boston in November 2018.)

Because relatively few real estate professionals from Boston attend either event and local real estate press rarely attend, Real Estate Cafe has hosted post-event technology debriefings on and off over the past two decades. In the past, our audience was made up primarily of real estate agents, predominantly fellow buyer agents. Here’s a sample of a roundtable we hosted at Harvard’s Berkman Center during the first year of the Obama presidency in 2009:

http://bit.ly/DebriefDemo (share via social media)



With over 150 members, #BosRETech represents a broader mix of stakeholders and innovators both from would be disrupters and incumbents. If a handful of us attend one or more of the events above, iwhat would you like to know — are there specific trends, use cases, or new technologies you’d like us to look for at NAR’s Trade Expo, committee meetings, or networking privately with innovators? As in the past, @RealEstateCafe will be looking for new money saving applications and updating our existing best of breed list as #RE2020’s goal is to deliver billions in Consumer savings annually.



Would anyone be willing to help crowdfund our costs, both travel and registration fees?

http://bit.ly/FundRECALL (share via social media)




We’ve already missed two events important events, the Consumer a Federation of America’s annual Consumer Assembly and a weekend with Ralph Nader. Still, the headline above suggests that the Sleeping Giant if the Consumer Movement is waking up. Here’s what we’ve called to the attention of regulators locally:

http://bit.ly/MassAGOv3 (share via social media)

After reviewing the list above, hope real estate leaders, industry regulators as well as academic departments like MIT’s Center for Real Estate agree that consumer advocates and real estate reformers have an important role shaping the emerging real estate ecosystem that is consumer-centric. To help us cocreate that future, follow #RE2020 online or scan the working groups on:

http://RE2020.Loomio.org (share via social media)

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