Real estate rebels plan Boston Realty Party to document slowdown, plot reforms

Which way are Boston housing prices headed in 2014?

Which way are Boston housing prices headed in 2014?

NEWS FLASH: Thanks to’s real estate blogger for validating the off-season price reductions we discovered and picking some transactions out of the data to write his blog post today. Homebuyers, please share this 140 character message via Twitter or other social media to ask your friends what they are seeing:

Want inside information on the Boston Realty Party we’re exploring / planning to discuss where housing prices are headed in 2014? Please email if you’d like to collaborate on data analysis, content creation, or simply participate in roundtable discussions on price trends and industry reforms. We’re toying with some mock awards — maybe even bobble head dolls — for bidding wars and deceptive business practices.

We’re eager to hear from fellow real estate rebels: fee-for-service real estate consultants, exclusive buyer agents, and DIY homebuyers who love to crunch numbers (or have post-bidding war trauma syndrome from the first half of 2013 and watch to regulate blind bidding wars in the future).

If you think real estate is the sleeping giant of the consumer movement, and would like to brainstorm how tech-savvy homebuyers and sellers would organize the real estate marketplace if the MLS (multiple listing service) did not exist, we’d love to hear from you!

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