PROACTIVE House Hunting vs Home Stalking

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Have you seen the MSN Money headline asking, “Should I try Home Stalking?” For years, Real Estate Cafe has been encouraging clients to try Proactive House Hunting, annoying some at our persistence. So, we never imagined that Zillow would include proactive approaches on their list of “4 Real Estate Trends for Summer 2013,” but are dumbfounded anyone would call it “home stalking.”

When we presented Proactive House Hunting as an option to clients in February, we repeatedly heard, “Let’s see what happens with the traditional home buying approach.”  Now, after four months of overheated bidding wars, the spring market has passed and rising interest rates have created a turning point.  Summer is usually a slow time for real estate but we agree with Zillow — now is the time to begin Proactive House Hunting for the Fall.

For existing clients, the bad news is that other motivated buyers will be trying to create their own home buying opportunities.

The good news is that you can still outsmart them.

First, look at the language they use — Isn’t “home stalking” or “house stalking” more likely to generate a call to the police than a favorable response from a potential seller?

Second, mailing letters or merely presenting an unsolicited offer are not as simple as they seem, particularly if they are not informed by a comprehensive proactive strategy.

Third, just as a good sports team can beat better athletes with a GREAT GAME PLAN, we’re eager to customize our Proactive House Hunting strategies so you can beat competition from house stalkers or traditional listing agents. We’ve been experimenting with proactive house hunting, on and off, since the late 1990s — the last REAL sellers’ market in Boston.

We can’t guarantee results but we can bring our expertise and learning experience of past clients to the task:  Try a Googling, Proactive House Hunting or Proactive Househunting, and see how many times Real Estate Cafe comes up in the search results.

But that’s looking backwards, let’s look forward.

Proactive House Hunting starts with the recognition that there are 10 hidden costs in the traditional, REACTIVE house hunting process.

If you’ve experience some of them this Spring, we’d love to get an update on your home buying plans for Fall 2013 and share Zillow’s housing price predictions for Boston in 2014.  Thankfully, their predictions could make Proactive House Hunting more compelling for sellers and clients ready to experiment.  We hope you’re one of them.

To make it easy for you to decide, we’re having a Proactive House Hunting Open House all weekend:  Use this form to let us know if you prefer to discuss the opportunity in a private appointment or small group presentation?

PS.  We’ve been trying to keep Proactive House Hunting low profile to give our existing clients a competitive advantage, but now that the cats out of the bag, we’ll become more vocal.  Before we do, we’ll give existing clients an opportunity to be “first movers” before taking on new clients.

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