Open letter to @REBarCampBoston: Realtor, disrupt thyself? vs Disruption funding


Greetings, @REBarCampBoston, Curious to see that you’re featuring a participatory discussion about disrupting the residential real estate industry at your upcoming unconference on Thursday, September 18, 2014 in Boston.  As you may know, reforming the real estate industry has been the’s mission for the past two decades, so glad to see that local Realtors are willing to address what’s wrong with the industry.

For fellow real estate consumer advocates, that’s an inquiry that’s engaged our best efforts for the past 20 to 25 years or more.  Consequently, some of us are already collaborating on a disruption road map as well as seeding a campaign to cocreate an open, transparent real estate eco-system by 2020 (see image above).  We invite anyone else interested to use and follow #RE2020 to cocreate synergy with innovators inside and outside the current real estate industry.

FYI — If word hasn’t reached you yet, the featured story today on Inman News is about angel investor eager to disrupt the real estate industry: (please share this short URL via social networks)

Here’s the comment we posted on LinkedIn in response to the same offer to provide disruption funding (see original at

How do we get there [disintermediation] from here, not just more user-driven apps but an open, transparent real estate eco-system?

In 15 days will feature a keynote presentation on DISRUPTION — what’s not working with real estate? Significantly, it’s a conversation from the agent and broker’s perspective, not the consumers. So no need to wait for that event for real estate consumer advocates, including Doug Miller of; REAL buyer brokers from; and technology innovators to begin collaborating on the following:

1. A disruption road map — an infographic identifying all of the trends and forces pushing on the current real estate model / marketplace; and

2. #RE2020 — a vision / roadmap to cocreate an open, transparent real estate marketplace by 2020. Here, the focus is on “what wants doing” — like a real estate consumer bill of rights — to reset the industry on right alignment, not disruption for disruption’s sake.

This slideshow includes 22 idea starters:

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