Mr. President, how can we create an open, transparent, fair & affordable housing market?

Won’t you love to ask President Obama a question about the housing market or turn your complaints into a Real Estate Consumer Bill of Rights?  The White House is hosting a housing Q&A online so let’s seize the opportunity to do that by using the hashtag #AskObamaHousing

The response has already been overwhelming, but it’s difficult to digest the 1,200 comments and questions posted so far on @Zillow‘s Facebook page So Real Estate Cafe is inviting fellow real estate consumer advocates and homebuyers in Boston and other overheated housing markets to ask questions, vote and comment on others using the interactive site above.  We’re glad to share the embed code so your clients or readers can ask questions directly from your site, blog, etc.  Contact us for details.  (Please share this tiny URL with others)

(If the list of questions doesn’t open automatically, type Session ID “ASKPRESQ” into the Join a Session box and click Go.  Using topic headers to see votes on different questions sorted by category. Questions are moderated so be patient and check back often.)

If others would like to collaborate, maybe we can coauthor some questions at tonight’s Boston Bubble MeetUp in Arlington or tomorrow at Harvard’s i-Lab, the iYo Cafe in Davis Square, or another location.  Again, contact us for details.

Follow Questions on Social Media

In the meantime, you can follow questions submitted on Twitter using #AskObamaHousing or this LiveTweet aggregator: (Please share this tiny URL with others)

The White House and their partner Zillow are also inviting questions by YouTube, see Zillow for details:

The virtual event will be streamed at 1pm ET, Wednesday, August 7, 2013 on and

Historical context

Want a historical reference point to assess how the housing market has changed over the past four years?  Visit this call for questions and comments when President Obama came into office, January 2009:

“If President Barack Obama could change or fix anything about housing what would it be?” – Pete Flint, Trulia CEO (Please share this tiny URL with others)

Call to action:  Real Estate Consumer Bill of Rights

Real Estate Cafe hopes to ask the President his strategy to avoid another boom bust cycle, regulate conflicts of interest, and punish real estate fraud.  Anyone want to invite local real estate regulators to address similar questions, or invite new apps to exposing pocket listings and making blind bidding wars transparent?

If we collaborate and come up with a shorter #hashtag #RealEstateConsumerBillofRights, we can get the President to pledge to develop a real estate consumer bill of Rights.  Here’s a working draft from 1999 and some background on a “Home Buyers Bill of Rights” proposed in testimony before the Congressional Committee on Financial Services on May 2, 2001.

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