Let’s poke fun at the Sleeping Giant of the Consumer Movement

Twenty-five years, one of the keynote speakers at the Consumer Federation of America’s annual Financial Services conferences, delivered words that still ring true:

“Real Estate is the Sleeping Giant of the Consumer Movement.”

Too little has changed over the past two and half decades but the good news is that real estate consumer advocates have regained a sense of momentum this Spring on at least three levels:

Local momentum

The founder of Consumer Advocates in American Real Estate, (CAARE) is doing media interviews on this effort to fight illegal kickbacks in Minnesota:


Digital momentum

Tonight, a handful of real estate innovators will gather with Mass. Legal Hackers team at Code of America / Code for Boston.  They could be formidable new allies who help unleash the potential of blockchain / smart contract to build real estate apps that are #FiduciaryFirst.

What’s at stake:  $110B, including $30B annually in real estate?


Global momentum

The Founder of Trump University has given consumer advocates a global stage to amplify the warning, “The real estate industry was never as greedy and deceiving as it is today.”


And others are writing about how consumers and policy makers are pushing back worldwide.  We recommend following @BetterDwelling and others outing #SpeculatorsWithoutBorders


Want to get involved in efforts to reform the real estate industry and deliver billions in consumer savings?  Visit http://RE2020.Loomio.org and request access if you’d like to collaborate; or simply listen to the audio post above, and share your thoughts.  We’re particularly interested in humorous ideas to help the consumer protection / public awareness campaign we do annually between the Ides of March and April Fool’s Day to go viral.  Be sure to use #REFooled if you post anything you’d like others to see (if you’ve been househunting in Greater Boston, Cambridge and surrounding communities, you know why.

Fooled again?  Let’s use tech to reform real estate / BLIND bidding wars

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