Is the housing bubble still taking the JOY out of Christmas?

Insert Stuck Santa

Six years after The Real Estate Cafe published this blog post, the housing bubble is still taking the joy out of Christmas.

Real estate bubble: Top news story of 2005?

Being squeezed for money is painful anytime, but it can be particularly difficult when it puts the squeeze on Santa, too.  If you or someone you know is feeling stuck this time of year, tell them not to give up hope. First, Santa knows that during this time of financial difficulty, people are STUCK in lots of ways:

  • People who have lost their jobs or are underemployed may be STUCK in a mortgage they can no longer afford;
  • Approx. 20,000 homeowners across Massachusetts are STUCK with expired and canceled MLS listings they cannot sell (watch for upcoming blog post);
  • Nationwide, more than 6 million mortgages are in default and 11 million mortgages are underwater; and
  • Millions of would be home buyers are also STUCK, wondering if it is safe to purchase a home when housing prices are falling.

Knowing that Santa occasionally gets STUCK too may bring a moment of laughter to those people, but there are more powerful relief!  For example, if you know someone who is STUCK in a mortgage they can no longer afford, that can be worse than a visit from the Grinch who stole Christmas — particularly if they are unemployed or underemployed and fear falling behind on your mortgage.

So here’s your big chance to be one of Santa’s helpers.  Click on the link below, or simply share this blog post across your social network or with someone you know who’s STUCK in any of the real estate squeezes described above.  If they’re unemployed and underemployed, encourage them to download the FREE Foreclosure Prevention flier with information about an array of programs for those who need help to meet their mortgages.  If they contact one of the government-approved, non-profit housing counseling agencies, they can find out if they qualify to postpone mortgage payments for up to 12 months!

FREE gift for a friend who's stuck

Bottomline:  Don’t let the housing bubble take the JOY out of Christmas!  (And don’t lose sight ofwhat really brings JOY into people’s lives!)

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