#ImpactREbates: Can we crowdfund social good out of real estate rebates?

Historically, September has been a big month for Real Estate Cafe, and this year a series of anniversaries are aligning with an exciting opportunity:

10th anniversary of feature story in Boston Magazine,
20th anniversary of Real Estate Cafe, and
25th anniversary of our predecessor — Mass. Homebuyers Club.

Rather than focusing on the past 20-25 years, we’re asking “where will the real estate industry be in five years?”  More specifically, we’d like to answer that question by inviting innovators and consumer advocates to co-create an open ecosystem capable of delivering $30 billion annually in savings by the year 2020 — a campaign we’re calling #RE2020.

Better yet, we’d like extend the benefit of those savings by asking recipients to donate a portion of their rebates to non-profits or initiatives promoting Social Good.  We need social entrepreneurs to help us develop a strategy to crowdfund their own efforts through real estate rebates.

That’s why we’re so excited that the Real Estate Cafe’s 20th anniversary aligns with the start of #uLab. Knowing that nearly 30,000 people from 182 countries have already signed up to participate in this MOOC (massive online open course), we invite social entrepreneurs and real estate innovators to explore collaborations.

Think of it as pay-it-forward or rebate-it-forward meets money-saving real estate business models. That’s why we call them #ImpactREbates

Here’s an example of what we’ve done in the past with our “Community Commission” and an open fundraising idea submitted to the MIT Ideas competition called ASAP: AIDS Shelter Alliance Partners.

If you’re a dreamer, doer or reincarnation of Don Quixote, how can we help rebate fund your #uLab dream?


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