Impact Investors: Reward homebuyers for Social Good or Community Building?


Two years after the Women’s March, why share the Facebook post below — a message sent to a closed group of leading real estate agents across the US? As a daily parade of headlines and talk shows attest, there’s growing recognition that the resistance is winning and the climate is losing. The president may have removed references to climate change within hours of his inauguration but world leaders and others are committed to building a better future.

Like doctors who recognize climate change as a public health crisis, real estate agents are morally obligated to respond — to take responsibility for protecting future generations.  That’s the role of #FutureFiduciaries.

A generation of Millennials are facing unprecedented headwinds; and like MLKing, Real Estate Cafe wants to recognize #WhatAreYouDoingForOthers. That means rewarding student debt-burden homebuyers with Social Good or Community Building commission credits to make it easier to use our fee-for-service, rebate model.

For nearly 25 years, our mission has been helping consumers saving money and we’ve done that well (see saving stats in Do buyer agents really help consumers save money?  Now we’re exploring new directions: can we help investors do good while doing good? That might include a range of innovative opportunities:

  • Experimenting with CoBuying and Rebate Sharing;
  • Developing a money-saving P2P real estate platform coop.
  • Using Impact Rebates to fund social justice projects of your choice.
  • Crowdfunding intergenerational, intentional communities — CoLiving, CoHousing, etc.

As #RE2020 shows, we like to collaborate with innovators, change agents, civic and housing activists who think and dream big. Want to cocreate a better future together?  Text 617-661-4046 so we can meet offline.

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Posted to agent-only Facebook group, Inman News Coast to Coast, January 23, 2017:

Did anyone from #ICNY, or their current or past clients, participate in the protests in 600+ cities over the weekend? Unrelated topic? Think again.

As ICNY ended, the 45th president was sworn into office. Hours later, references to climate change were removed from the White House website and Trump betrayed low and moderate-income homebuyers, reversing Obama’s mortgage fee cuts:

The same weekend, millions took to the streets worldwide to protect their rights and future generations. Photos from this worldwide show of solidarity are truly awesome:

Brad’s kickoff address last week was entitled, “We Are in the Future: Now What?” Brad asked how the compression of time will reorder the transaction; but outside the industry, populism is shaping a new world order. What implications does that have real estate professionals and the planet? At 11am EST today, a nationally syndicated NPR talk show will talk about “civic activism in the age of Trump.”

In the financial and legal world, the word “fiduciary” describes the role of the protector; so without claiming the label, millions who took to the street were “Future Fiduciaries.” Where will their collective resistance lead in the future? Listen to the talk show below, and get involved. Here’s an example of one petition you or your clients can sign to protect the future of the planet.

Please sign & share this petition:

If you’re a real estate professional, want to convene a conversation about the role of fiduciaries in the Trump era using the hashtag, #FutureFiduciary? If the masses are being politicized and mobilized, will they transfer their values and expectations into the marketplace and chose to work with real estate professionals who are willing to protect their rights and the planet? Here are some thoughts about protecting real estate consumers in DysTrumpian era, what are yours?

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