How will AirBnB’s move expedite, expand uses of Blockchain in Real Estate?


Eager to see what kind of ripple effects this news will have at the upcoming VRM / IIW conference, and PersonalData and blockchain communities in Boston and beyond.  AirBnB’s acquisition and 17 million users certainly raise this question:

How will AirBnB’s move to adopt blockchain expedite, expand uses in real estate?


“…blockchains might allow Airbnb to share its user profiles with other companies. “The question is whether there’s a way to export [a user’s reputation] and allow access elsewhere to help other sharing economy models really flourish

could become a trusted form of digital identity, a bit like the profiles that credit bureaus create for individuals. If these identities can be “exported” to other platforms

potentially hugely useful, ways of using blockchains, such as door locks that open or close when a user sends money to a homeowner over a blockchain…”

Market-making implications

Last Spring, the VRM / IIW community recommended setting up a working group to explore VRM as a “market maker in real estate.”  To get that started, hosted 1st real estate unconferences in Boston and set-up Loomio site to form subworking groups.  See thread related to blockchain in real estate: (share via social networks)

To reach the masses, using hashtag #RE2020.  Hope to expand awareness of money-saving options for “ordinary” homebuyers, sellers, renters, etc. by asking “Where will real estate be in the year 2020?” (share via social networks)

Start chatter offline

If you’re in the Boston area, want to meet to discuss the implications of AirBnB’s move over beers? Follow #REonTap for details

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