Homebuyers: Need offensive & defensive game plans or occasional coaching?


Thinking about buying a home in 2019?  Yes, it’s pre-season — but got a game plan?  Last night’s Super Bowl victory was also a lesson in the importance of systems or game plans.  The offense and defense both have game plans, with plays to use in specific down and distance situations on both sides of the ball.  Last night, the New England Patriot’s demonstrated that defense wins games.

What wins games from the homebuyer’s perspective? Getting the home of your dreams is the cliched response, so why not start there.  Don’t start with down and distance situations, start with the goal line — what does your end zone look like?  How will you know when you’re in YOUR red zone — not something you saw on HGTV, or the next home to come into the MLS, but a place that can deliver the lifestyle and happiness you seek.

During several sellers’ markets, RealEstateCafe has developed a system to help house hunters get into their end zone.  We call it Proactive House Hunting or #ProactHH.  It involves some familiar plays, including some you call do on your own.  But the execution you see in a touch football game doesn’t compare to the precision of innovation and best practiced evolved over decades.

Over the past 5 years, the speculative cycle in real estate has been driven, in part, by performance-enhancing drugs — record low-interest rates.  Steroids are outlawed in football and other sports but go into any health club and you can see evidence they’ve not disappeared.  In contrast, in the final months of 2018 homebuyers got a look at a housing market that was no longer juiced by historically low-interest rates.

What will 2019 bring?  Asking that pre-season question is like predicting next year’s Super Bowl winner.  It’s impossible, but it’s possible to identify systems that have produced winning results.  This year, we’ll be refining our game plans on both sides of the ball — #ProactHH on the offensive side and #DefensiveHomebuying on the other side.  We’re always learning, always adapting our system, always responding to down and distance tendencies on game day– like the Patriots.

Just as a team with a good game plan can beat a team of better athletes, we can help you outsmart the housing market if you’re ready to get started pre-season.  Email us to talk offline about our Menu of Fees & Rebates at the earliest convenience as boutique buyer brokerage practice only works with a handful of clients.  We’re already preparing scouting reports to help them save money.  Peek into our huddle if you’d like to see a sample:

http://bit.ly/SuperREBowlSavings (share via social media)

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