Extreme house hunting: Go hard or go home?

Captain America


A story yesterday on the leading real estate technology site revealed two findings worth sharing or should we say exposing — http://bit.ly/RExpose ?

1. An agent in Denver estimates that 25-30% of the sales right now are occurring “off-market.”

2. Another agent in Oakland is working with 30 buyers and has sent 300 letters in the last six weeks. That translates to 50 letters per week or an average of 10 per buyer.

My guess is that DIY homebuyers are contending with the same in Boston where housing demand exceeds supply AND some towns have more agents than listings.

How do you compete? Doing anything others consider extreme or that you’re finding is extremely effective?

Alternatively, have you encountered anything that is extremely frustrating, unfair, unethical or irrational (maybe even illegal)?

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