#RE2020 radar screen includes Blockchain & much more


Since the early 1990’s, Real Estate Cafe has scouted innovations at the intersection of real estate + technology + consumer advocacy, but we’ve never attended a streak of events like the past month. As new technologies and players come into the emerging real estate ecosystem (#RE2020), we’ve expanded our radar screen to include innovations in RETech, FinTech, LegalTech, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Internet of Things / Internet of Me, and Blockchain.


Significantly, two events this week (2Q2016 / WK 20) will address Blockchain in Real Estate. Would anyone in Boston / Cambridge like to meet offline for some or all of today’s event via Twitter or any Livestream, Blab or Periscope that event organizers might share?

05/17/16: International Blockchain Real Estate Association Conference

Matt McKibben from Ubitquity.io will be in town to participate in this MIT event. Should we invite him to demo their blockchain solution for title? If so, are there people we should invite from the #RE2020 ecosystem to expedite adoption / expand awareness?

05/19-20/16: MIT World RE Forum (includes “edge track on blockchain in real estate”

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Our the past four weeks, we’ve scouted #RE2020 trends and innovations at nine events — seven in person and two virtually:


04/25-28/16: VRM Day / Internet Identity Workshop (IIW)

05/02-03/16: Concensus 2016 (Blockchain conference in NYC)


04/16/16: MIT FinTech Conference

04/22/16: MIT Future of Cities Conference

04/17/16: Real Disruption

05/6-7/16: Global Legal Technology Lab

05/09/16: OurAgingMarket.com

05/11-12/16: National Association of Realtors Mid-Year conference

05/12-13/16: RE.Work Connected Home Summit

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What events should we watching or attending in coming weeks to continue to monitor changes in the #RE2020 ecosystem?

WEEK 21: 05/22-28/16

WEEK 22: 05/29-06/04/16


For the past two decades, the Real Estate Cafe has hosted technology debriefings after major technology events. We’re currently updating our ongoing list of Best of Breed money-savings apps and the reVRM-Minifesto we first drafted in 2010. With that in mind, we’re pleased to learn that Doc Searls, of ProjectVRM or Customer Commons, is drafting on The Castle Doctrine that will address the use of personal data in Smart Homes.

If you’d like to cocreate the emerging future in real estate, join http://bit.ly/RE2020pen or follow what others are doing via #RE2020

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