DIY MLS search options offer more than “homes for sale”

MLS search options

After waiting out the housing bubble, we’re glad to see some of our past clients beginning to look again at the housing market.  Hard to believe when The Real Estate Cafe opened in 1995, we were the first real estate cyber cafe in the world to offer public access to the MLS via self-service computers in our 1,200 square foot storefront.  Seventeen years later, our money-saving fee-for-service buyer brokerage operates virtually and gives our DIY home buyers a “Menu of MLS access options” in addition to the industry’s most generous Menu of Rebates.

Using public tax records and a variety of other data bases related to lifestyle, our first option allows buyers to search ALL of the residential units in a neighborhood, regardless of whether they are for sale or not.  We refer to it as our “100% inventory” option and teach clients how to use “PROACTIVE house hunting” strategies to identify home buying opportunities, in some cases before they are listed on MLS, based their dream search profile.

Our second MLS access option below is also very powerful.  In fact, they are so well regarded that purchased them last Fall.  They’ve just released some new functionality and we’re glad to do a table top demo to help you use this option most effectively.  In the meantime, we encourage you to try their search by price reduction and invite your feedback.

We still encourage our past clients to use our original MLS access system, in addition to one or both of the other options, because it’s the only one that enables users to get information on expired and canceled listings. We’ve blogged extensively and encourage our clients to download our 10 step, “Insider’s Guide to Approaching Owners of Expired & Canceled Listings.” to pursue this win-win money-saving opportunity.

Regardless of whether you’re a new or existing client, we can upgrade your MLS search criteria to email daily updates of expired and canceled listings that match your search criteria. To get started, download our Insider’s Guide using the button below.

Finally, if you’ve been waiting for housing prices to bottom outand concluded you’ll try to buy a home in the next six months, we encourage you to grab this money-saving discount offer before it’s gone (limited to first two buyers):DIY home buyers: Get 50% off our hourly fee, plus 100% commission REBATE!

If you have time, please let us know where you think housing prices are headed in the next five years.  Can you share this survey via your social networks to help us get 100 responses? We’d like to compare your responses to the forecast given by a leading MIT housing economist last week.

Download 10 Step Insider's Guide!

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