Discouraged house hunters: Time to Persevere or go Proactive?

Steve Jobs on Perseverance

The Real Estate Cafe turns eighteen this year, and as the highlights below demonstrate, we’re coming of age.  But while perseverance may be the key to successful entrepreneurs, it may be costly for prudent homebuyers who sat out the last boom / bust cycle waiting for housing prices to “correct” only to see artificially low interest rates reinflating prices again.

Is it time for DIY homebuyers to persevere with conventional home buying practices or to be proactive?  What would Steve Jobs do?

Like Jobs, we look real estate upside down and backwards to better serve clients.  So we’ve identified 10 Hidden Costs of “Reactive” House Hunting and use them to explain the money-saving benefits of an experimental process we call “Proactive House Hunting.” Please watch this preview, sign-up for a DEMO, and share this link with friends: http://bit.ly/ProactPreview


1.  To mark the 20th Anniversary of the Consumer Revolution in Real Estate, a two-day conference hosted at the World Trade Center in Boston, featuring Ralph Nader and more than 30 other panelists, we launched RECALL: Real Estate Consumer Alliance on Google+ to re-energize reform efforts.

2.  Redesigned and relaunched of our website on WordPress, which includes nearly 800 blog posts chronicling, among other things, the real estate recession.  Our Menu of Fees & Rebates, including the 100% rebate featured in the Wall Street Journal, has been simplified and explained in a slideshow.

3.  Our “Game Changing” vision of real estate trended briefly last Fall on Twitter. Twenty years after we did, the National Association of Realtors says it time for their members to Rethink the Future of Real Estate.  If you’re a past client or someone who has ever visited our fee-for-service, money-saving business model, you know that’s been our mission since day one.

We need your help to continue our mission, and we’re willing to reward you with an attractive ROI: “Return on Invention.”  Whether you’re a homebuyer, past client, friend, or investor, please contact us for details.  

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