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WANTED: Cathedral builders to transform intergenerational housing gridlock into community

  “When I’m 64…” the first time I heard those lyrics from the Beatles‘s classic song that destination seemed two centuries away, now it’s only two days. The head of MIT’s AgeLab says that some aging babyboomers will live two decades

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Crowdsourcing insights into a slumping housing market in Boston

December 11 will mark the 9th anniversary of joining, a forum for homebuyers to crowdsource insights during the real estate recession.  Over that period, Real Estate Cafe contributed over 100 posts, and two offer context for the current housing market.  Obviously, they were

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#ImpactREbates: Can we crowdfund social good out of real estate rebates?

.@ImpactHubBOS @edXOnline Look forward to learning more re #uLab, link moneysaving #realestate biz models to #SocialGood via #ImpactREbates — Bill Wendel (@RealEstateCafe) September 7, 2015 Historically, September has been a big month for Real Estate Cafe, and this year a

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10 trends pointing to Group Housing, Intentional Communities too?

“It’s definitely a case of going back to the future,” one of the advocates Co-Living told NPR, but there’s a lot more than technology that brought them together. Here’s a top of the head list of 10 MEGA-trends pointing to

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What would Geico do: REthink Council vs reThink Commissions?

Can Warren Buffett’s entry into real estate do for consumers what Geico – a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway – did for insurance?  So far, there’s no evidence Berkshire Hathaway Homes Services (BHHS) is launching a witty marketing campaign or offering a value

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DIY Homebuyers: Go PROACTIVE to identify “Intention Inventory,” avoid costs

Kudos to the Boston Globe for writing / blogging about a proactive house hunting strategy homebuyers used to create a win-win scenario with grateful if unintentional home sellers. Targeting homeowners who may sell in the future isn’t just “a new

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DIY Homebuyers: Ask a question, answer or vote for others

Want to ask other homebuyers, sellers or real estate professionals a question? Simply type into the “Submit new question” box above, then click ASK. You can also use add comments to other questions, or VOTE to increase their ranking by

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Call for Complaints: Top 10 Issues Facing Real Estate Consumers

Friday,’s real estate blog screamed, Misleading listings have buyers fuming.  The complaint drew few echoes; instead readers said, in one way or another, there are much bigger problems in the real estate industry that need reform. Monday, thousands of Realtors

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Open Data: What would real estate look like if there were no MLS?

Good morning, @_____________, First, thank you for taking a minute to read this private message. I appreciate the thought you put into your comments on’s real estate blog, and have noted a number of times that our perspectives on

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CARPE DIEM! Group funding opportunity offers 16% ROI

  Insert image:  RebateCheckHands.jpg Over the past sixteen years, The Real Estate Cafe has experimented with a variety of alternative, money-saving approaches to real estate brokerage.  Today, we’re rolling our latest experimental dish: DIY crowd financing with a 16% ROI! 

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