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Beyond rethinking, reset real estate ecosystem by 2020

As I write, the students from Harvard’s law, business and design schools are co-hosting a Real Estate Weekend inviting students and innovators from around the country to rethink real estate.  Four years ago, the National Association of Realtors engaged tens

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WANTED: Innovators & advocates to help real estate consumers “save tens of billions annually” in fees

If you scan the months listed on the right side of this page, you’ll see a gap between blog posts during October 2014 and January 2015: 10/07/15:  Disrupt, reform or realign real estate: Opportunities to connect dots & build synergy 10/09/15:

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Mega-Broker Portal: Will homebuyers be left Upstream without a buyer agent?

Anyone else trying to make sense of the controversy surrounding Upstream, the code name for the mega-Broker Public Portal? Yesterday, Inman News published a guest opinion asking:  “Will Upstream be good for everyone?”  Not only was this author’s answer NO,

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Open letter to @REBarCampBoston: Realtor, disrupt thyself? vs Disruption funding

Greetings, @REBarCampBoston, Curious to see that you’re featuring a participatory discussion about disrupting the residential real estate industry at your upcoming unconference on Thursday, September 18, 2014 in Boston.  As you may know, reforming the real estate industry has been the’s mission for

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Victims or fools, time for Emergency Bidding War Transparency Act

To see how far winning bids are above or below original asking prices, run your cursor over individual sales in this scatterplot.  Each data point shows ($K over or under, as well as %).  Too zoom-in, drag a box across

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PROACTIVE House Hunting vs Home Stalking

Have you seen the MSN Money headline asking, “Should I try Home Stalking?” For years, Real Estate Cafe has been encouraging clients to try Proactive House Hunting, annoying some at our persistence. So, we never imagined that Zillow would include

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Want to Hangout & hack headlines about housing recovery?

Keeping our eyes wide open for insights into Runaway prices, we’re asking readers for links and quotes from good news stories that deconstruct the 10%+ rise in median housing prices in MA during April 2013. We’re looking for hard-hitting facts

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Really, why shouldn’t sellers try FSBO: For Sale by Owner?

Today,’s real estate blogger asks, “Really, why shouldn’t sellers wait for higher prices?”

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Luxury homes: Do dueling governor mansions point to “Mansion Cliff”?

Same state, opposing parties. Two “governor mansions” for sale, one former governor, one current. One expired after 416 days, the other canceled after 268 days. Now, like running for reelection, both are relisted and

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Dueling Governor Mansions reflect Mansion Cliff in Massachusetts

@ScottVV: On one level, like your suggestion that Governor Patrick demonstrate he’s a man of the people by living in one of the transit-oriented dwelling units that reflects his housing policy. (Hasn’t at least one former governor, Michael Dukakis, famously

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