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Divorce real estate commissions, let homebuyers & sellers negotiate their own fees

Are the stars aligning?  Last Thursday, participants of @REBarCampBoston talked openly about how “Real Estate is Broken” and the conversation continues, agent to agent, on Facebook.  There a a list of 25+ industry flaws includes one that the Consumer Federation

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InventoryGate: Fact checking “tight inventory” & “the rest of the story”

The headline, “Home buyers face tight inventories, rising prices this spring” followed a predictable script for the past two years, but the level of sensationalized reporting in the Boston Globe’s recent story may have crossed a line.  First a cash bidding

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Got DIY content? It pays to do your homework here!

  “It pays to do your homework here!” That was one of the headlines used in the first full-page ad placed by the Real Estate Cafe in April 1996. To dramatize that we were turning the real estate industry upside

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Fact check spin & “STRESS TEST” your home buying assumptions

  FLASHBACK 2006:  With all of the press and blog posts recently about bidding wars and prices “soaring,” maybe some home buyers are too anxious to stop and question their own assumptions about rising prices or advice they are getting

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Learn how to use QR codes to find Sweet Deals

To celebrate it’s 16th birthday, The Real Estate Cafe is looking for 16 tech savvy homebuyers eager to experiment with new money-saving tools and approaches to home buying. Looking for Sweet Deals?  Our newly redesigned MLS interface allows you to

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