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Bidding War Cluster Bomb is homebuyer’s new Killer App

Tired of losing bidding wars, innovative DIY homebuyers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the few cities in the world to have it’s own Peace Commission, are using the Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard Business School today to leak information about

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Bubble Hour using “unconference format” to engage, inform homebuyers

In August, we posted a comment on Boston Bubble asking if “the housing market already entering the beginning of an unsustainable burst?”  Two months later, does this one-two punch validate our perspective and fears? Lawrence Yun’s proclamation that August was

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Discouraged house hunters: Time to Persevere or go Proactive?

The Real Estate Cafe turns eighteen this year, and as the highlights below demonstrate, we’re coming of age.  But while perseverance may be the key to successful entrepreneurs, it may be costly for prudent homebuyers who sat out the last

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CARPE DIEM! Group funding opportunity offers 16% ROI

  Insert image:  RebateCheckHands.jpg Over the past sixteen years, The Real Estate Cafe has experimented with a variety of alternative, money-saving approaches to real estate brokerage.  Today, we’re rolling our latest experimental dish: DIY crowd financing with a 16% ROI! 

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