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Use Pi Day to explain, hack the way the real estate commission pie is sliced?

IDEA STARTER:  Should #RE2020 use Pi Day, the celebration of a never-ending number to celebrate the approaching end of the bloated, two-side real estate commission pie? Real estate is not rocket science nor is it complex math which is why

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Homebuyers: Need offensive & defensive game plans or occasional coaching?

Thinking about buying a home in 2019?  Yes, it’s pre-season — but got a game plan?  Last night’s Super Bowl victory was also a lesson in the importance of systems or game plans.  The offense and defense both have game plans,

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Want an EFFECTIVE Buyer Agent (or Listing Agent)? Better Shop Around

Eating lunch at the Cambridge Common near the Harvard Law School, and the overhead speakers are playing a 1960’s classic from Smokey Robinson & The Miracles with the prudent advice above, “you better shop around.” The same words could apply

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Back to the Future: Do buyer agents really help consumers save money?

Only one previous blog post during 2018 — is this another abandoned real estate web site? Hardly.  While the housing market has been grossly overheated, and irrational exuberance drove bidding wars $100,000 over asking price; our attention as buyer agents, and leading

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Puffing the housing market: Time to pause or go proactive?

The headline above is distressing enough without using bloated list or asking prices — a stat that is meaningless so rarely quoted — to throw gas on overheated markets nationwide. Without more precise local information or insight into the economy,

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InventoryGate: Fact checking “tight inventory” & “the rest of the story”

The headline, “Home buyers face tight inventories, rising prices this spring” followed a predictable script for the past two years, but the level of sensationalized reporting in the Boston Globe’s recent story may have crossed a line.  First a cash bidding

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Return of frenzied real estate spin? Don’t be fooled again

Excerpt from broker facing MLS: Concerned that the housing market this Spring could become irrational again,’s real estate blogger raised questions today about the risks / rewards of waiving contingencies: A buyer’s most foolish move Yesterday, one of Real

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Seeding C2C / P2P real estate unconferences for consumers to connect, save money

    The powerful one-touch punch delivered in national media this week against pocket listing and dual agency / designated agency will send ripple effects through the traditional real estate industry and it’s regulatory environment; but time is short to

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DIY Homebuyers: Go PROACTIVE to identify “Intention Inventory,” avoid costs

Kudos to the Boston Globe for writing / blogging about a proactive house hunting strategy homebuyers used to create a win-win scenario with grateful if unintentional home sellers. Targeting homeowners who may sell in the future isn’t just “a new

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Right-sizing your American Dream: An extra bedroom or 1/3rd off the price?

On Saturday, one of the Real Estate Cafe’s new clients, a five-person household (husband, wife and three kids under 11) seriously considered making an offer on a two-bedroom condo in Cambridge. When I shared this experience with my adult daughter

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