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Use #WorldRefugeeDay to seed #Hack4REGood / #InnovationMinistry?

Wish I had known about the Vatican’s new StartUp accelerator a month ago when the call was still open for entries to their first group of ideas / companies. (share via social media) Have shared the link above with

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The beginning of the end of “CONCEAL estate”?

Earlier today, the publisher of a leading real estate news site posted this comment on Facebook: “Foreign buyers are not as active as before due to the value of the dollar, says Realogy CEO Richard Smith, but not meaningful to the

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Will Pope’s encyclical expand Housing Justice Movement?

Homeownership rates are falling in Massachusetts and across the nation, and housing is back in newspaper headlines and nationally syndicated talk shows.  Here’s one perspective, that knowingly or unknowingly, points to the Pope’s encyclical on the environment and the prospect of a grassroots movement for

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Updating Million Dollar Markdowns

Greetings, readers, The Real Estate Cafe is in the process of updating our database of “Million Dollar Markdowns” featured in the Boston Globe story, Luxury for Less, and will release more information soon.  In the meantime, we invite you

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SuperBowl’s not the only game in town, take a walking tour of Super Price Reductions

Looks like has added some graphics to their article, Year’s end lifts sales of condos in Boston, and is recycling it on the landing page of their Real Estate section for SuperBowl weekend.  Glad that visibility gives The Real

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