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Could ID project in India become inspiration for Homebuyer ID in US?

@TheNextWeb Online accounts could be verified using Indian government’s unique ID project, Aadhaar by @tsuvik on @thenextwebin!/TheNextWeb/status/84202373072957440 EXCERPTS For those who aren’t familiar with Aadhaar, it is an ambitious project from Indian government which aims to create a

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“Consumer-centric” vs “buyer-centric, user-driven & savings-focused” real estate business models

Thought leaders in the “intention economy” are careful to distinguish between user-centric sites and user-driven sites, but that’s not been the case in real estate.  If you are a tech-savvy, do-it-yourself home buyer, you should be careful to identify whether

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Learn how to use QR codes to find Sweet Deals

To celebrate it’s 16th birthday, The Real Estate Cafe is looking for 16 tech savvy homebuyers eager to experiment with new money-saving tools and approaches to home buying. Looking for Sweet Deals?  Our newly redesigned MLS interface allows you to

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Idea Starter: What if homebuyers & sellers managed their own data?

When the headline “Freeing ‘captured’ homebuyers” arrived in my email two weeks ago, I thought the real estate industry had just discovered VRM: Vendor Relationship Management (see series of videos above for an overview).  But scanning the article quickly, it

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Mobile Real Estate Apps: Will Geo-Fencing create a Geo-FSBO Future?

The real estate industry is buzzing this week about two blog posts, “Geo-fencing and mobile marketing” published by Inman News and Chris Thorman’s original blog post, “Searching for Real Estate Made Easy: Geo-Fences Plus Mobile Phones.”  (Chris writes for Software

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