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Want an EFFECTIVE Buyer Agent (or Listing Agent)? Better Shop Around

Eating lunch at the Cambridge Common near the Harvard Law School, and the overhead speakers are playing a 1960’s classic from Smokey Robinson & The Miracles with the prudent advice above, “you better shop around.” The same words could apply

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#SmartFailing in Real Estate: Rebates, flat fees & fee-for-service over past 20 years

SMART FAILING: Trying to develop a new real estate business model to downsize commissions?  Whether you’re trying to reward DIY homebuyers with rebates, or help FSBOs — for sale by owner properties — avoid the real estate industry’s bloated commission structure, what

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Collaborating with housing & real estate labs to save BILLIONS annually!

  This morning, NPR listeners in Boston were greeted with news of one of the largest gifts ever given to MIT — a $118 million gift to MIT’s Center for Real Estate (MITCRE) to “advance socially responsible and sustainable real

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Using calls to “disrupt real estate” to raise awareness of money-saving alternatives

Greetings, fellow real estate consumer advocates and DIY homebuyers and sellers (particularly those hoping to sell for-sale-by-owner ), Have you seen the article this week in Entrepreneur Magazine: Who Will Step Up and Disrupt the Real Estate Industry? (please share

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Fuming with “Holy Anger”? Can Millennials reform real estate, expand housing options?

Join us for a Q&A with @zillow CEO @spencerrascoff tomorrow at 5pm at the @HarvardGSD! — Harvard JCHS (@Harvard_JCHS) February 4, 2014 The “double whammy” that has Millennials fuming isn’t “just” a problem of mega-trends, like the two described

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Millennials: Getting killed by housing costs, or killing homeownership?

  Remember the scene in Dead Poet’s Society where Robin Williams stands on his desk, and challenges his students to change their perspective?  His message:  the way you see a problem or opportunity depends on where you stand.  So the

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Double bind: Will soaring rent burdens shrink baby boomer nest eggs / inheritance?

Referencing the pain some homeowners suffered after the housing bubble,’s real estate blog asked Do renters have it tougher?  Baby boomers, before you begin family conversations over the Holidays about downsizing or transitioning aging parents, do the math: “More than half

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Seasonality: Insider’s guide to cool deals in HOT neighborhoods

From comments thus far, looks like readers have missed the significance of seasonality in a blog post today about buying in HOT neighborhoods. The featured buyer timed the housing market a year before the last boom / bust cycle

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Peer-to-Peer advice: A FSBO success story shares DIY process

Guest blog post:  Brian DuBoff, a biomedical scientist with no formal background in real estate or anything related, shares his experience selling condos and single family homes in Boston and Brookline “for sale by owner” (FSBO).  Brian’s reflection on being a

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Really, why shouldn’t sellers try FSBO: For Sale by Owner?

Today,’s real estate blogger asks, “Really, why shouldn’t sellers wait for higher prices?”  We’ve reframed the question to propose an option which may be more profitable: “Why shouldn’t sellers try For Sale by Owner?  Last week, Yale economist Robert Shiller

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