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Tech-Hub Housing: Tech invasion or labs for innovation, corrective collaboration?

“In Trulia’s hometown of San Francisco, tensions are high over the lack of affordable housing and the growing wealth of technology companies and their workers.” — 5 Truths of Tech-Hub Housing Costs, Trulia blog Techies driving up housing costs? is a question

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Lifeline or dead end: Can first-time homebuyers really compete with cash buyers?

Despite it’s laudable goals and a well-intended blog post today in, my sense is that the First Look program in Massachusetts, particularly in Boston, is a dead end, not a lifeline.  Beyond the dearth of inventory in MA is

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DIY Homebuyers: Go PROACTIVE to identify “Intention Inventory,” avoid costs

Kudos to the Boston Globe for writing / blogging about a proactive house hunting strategy homebuyers used to create a win-win scenario with grateful if unintentional home sellers. Targeting homeowners who may sell in the future isn’t just “a new

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Neighbors in a post-Snowden era: Would N-Scores increase Happiness?

To ask “Are you the neighborhood snob?”, as’s real estate blog did yesterday, misses the point of Trulia’s Neighbor Survey.  Is anyone else concerned that 2/3rds of American say they like their neighbors, but nearly half don’t know their

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Are DIY homebuyers & sellers already doing the IntentCast Dance?

If “dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal intent,” are Zillow’s MakeMeMove listings and Proactive House Hunters already doing the IntentCast dance? In real estate, “IntentCasting” is simply telling others your home buying or selling intentions and inviting responses.

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Priced-out vs Blissed-out? Where should we house hunt?

Space starved in Greater Boston?  You’re not alone.  Today’s blog post on recognizes that Boston buyers are not just space-starved, but that the “overcrowded and overpriced” region has left people house-poor, time-starved and stressed out.  Is there is a

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Extreme house hunting: Go hard or go home?

  A story yesterday on the leading real estate technology site revealed two findings worth sharing or should we say exposing — ? 1. An agent in Denver estimates that 25-30% of the sales right now are occurring “off-market.”

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DIY Homebuyers, November is “Let’s make a deal month”

November, as tired listing agents may admit, is generally a very good month for buyers to negotiate discounts on properties before listing contracts expire and sellers calculate the cost of carrying an unsold home through the winter. Original research conducted

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Experimenting with Real-Time Twitter feed on real estate ad

The image above is a static screen grab, but you’ll find The Real Estate Cafe’s new, experimental LIVE Twitter feed on our ad.  If you’d like to know more about how Twitter and other “real-time” tools are “revolutionizing the

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“Consumer-centric” vs “buyer-centric, user-driven & savings-focused” real estate business models

Thought leaders in the “intention economy” are careful to distinguish between user-centric sites and user-driven sites, but that’s not been the case in real estate.  If you are a tech-savvy, do-it-yourself home buyer, you should be careful to identify whether

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