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Divorce real estate commissions, let homebuyers & sellers negotiate their own fees

Are the stars aligning?  Last Thursday, participants of @REBarCampBoston talked openly about how “Real Estate is Broken” and the conversation continues, agent to agent, on Facebook.  There a a list of 25+ industry flaws includes one that the Consumer Federation

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What would Geico do: REthink Council vs reThink Commissions?

Can Warren Buffett’s entry into real estate do for consumers what Geico – a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway – did for insurance?  So far, there’s no evidence Berkshire Hathaway Homes Services (BHHS) is launching a witty marketing campaign or offering a value

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Peer-to-Peer advice: A FSBO success story shares DIY process

Guest blog post:  Brian DuBoff, a biomedical scientist with no formal background in real estate or anything related, shares his experience selling condos and single family homes in Boston and Brookline “for sale by owner” (FSBO).  Brian’s reflection on being a

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Really, why shouldn’t sellers try FSBO: For Sale by Owner?

Today,’s real estate blogger asks, “Really, why shouldn’t sellers wait for higher prices?”  We’ve reframed the question to propose an option which may be more profitable: “Why shouldn’t sellers try For Sale by Owner?  Last week, Yale economist Robert Shiller

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Don’t need a full-service buyer agent? Propose your own fee and rebate

The results of a recent Google search for our company, “Real Estate Cafe,” produced a surprising result.  Even though we were the first cyber cafe in the world when we opened 18 years ago, our page on, a request for proposals (RFP)

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Fuzzy Math & misleading listings: Who’s a DIY homebuyer or FSBO to trust?

Glad’s real estate blogger kicked off the New Year by challenging an assumption anyone buying or selling a home in 2013 may make to price their home or make an offer. Beyond the main lesson—don’t assume listing sites provide

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FLASHBACK: DIY Web publishing for real estate 1999 vs 3Q2012

​DIY home buyers and FSBOs:  Think about real estate websites you’ve used, from real estate portals, like Zillow, Trulia, and, to real estate brands, like Coldwell Banker and Redfin.   What features to you like best? What frustrates you

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Homebuyer Survey: Where are Boston housing prices headed in 2012 & beyond?

Keeping an eye on real estate in Massachusetts?  DIY homebuyers, visit our new experimental blog and tell us where you see Boston housing prices going in 2012 and beyond.

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Don’t wait for “group buying” sites to deliver real estate savings, propose your own!

Comment on @InmanNews blog post: Groupon, other big ‘group buy’ sites slow to embrace real estate Like nearly anything online, there are “do-it-yourself” options for anyone in the real estate industry – broker, lender, seller, or product / service vendor

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“Consumer-centric” vs “buyer-centric, user-driven & savings-focused” real estate business models

Thought leaders in the “intention economy” are careful to distinguish between user-centric sites and user-driven sites, but that’s not been the case in real estate.  If you are a tech-savvy, do-it-yourself home buyer, you should be careful to identify whether

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