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#ImpactREbates: Can we crowdfund social good out of real estate rebates?

.@ImpactHubBOS @edXOnline Look forward to learning more re #uLab, link moneysaving #realestate biz models to #SocialGood via #ImpactREbates — Bill Wendel (@RealEstateCafe) September 7, 2015 Historically, September has been a big month for Real Estate Cafe, and this year a

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#MicroHousingLab 4/17-26: Are “Spinsters” leading the DIY co-living movement?

Commenting on WBUR / OnPointRadio program today on Spinsters:  At some point researchers say aging boomers, presumably both sexes, give up on finding a soulmate and look for / co-create a micro-tribe of their own. That may explain why woman

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Collaborating with housing & real estate labs to save BILLIONS annually!

  This morning, NPR listeners in Boston were greeted with news of one of the largest gifts ever given to MIT — a $118 million gift to MIT’s Center for Real Estate (MITCRE) to “advance socially responsible and sustainable real

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Will Bidding Wars trigger local regulation or global reformation?

Click on icons above for details of homes sold $100,000 or more over asking price from April 1 to May 15, the first six weeks of 2Q2014 in Cambridge, Boston & Somerville. As Cambridge goes, so goes Lunenburg.​”​​  Really?  When a credible

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Bidding War Cluster Bomb is homebuyer’s new Killer App

Tired of losing bidding wars, innovative DIY homebuyers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the few cities in the world to have it’s own Peace Commission, are using the Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard Business School today to leak information about

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10 trends pointing to Group Housing, Intentional Communities too?

“It’s definitely a case of going back to the future,” one of the advocates Co-Living told NPR, but there’s a lot more than technology that brought them together. Here’s a top of the head list of 10 MEGA-trends pointing to

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Crowdfunding vs GreedFunding: How to redirect the “Double Dip”

Surveys show that the majority of consumers believe that real estate agents are overpaid. Does that mean individual agents are greedy?  Not necessarily but it does mean that the prevailing two-sided commission is obsolete, and the amount of compensation that

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Discouraged house hunters: Time to Persevere or go Proactive?

The Real Estate Cafe turns eighteen this year, and as the highlights below demonstrate, we’re coming of age.  But while perseverance may be the key to successful entrepreneurs, it may be costly for prudent homebuyers who sat out the last

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DIY Homebuyers, November is “Let’s make a deal month”

November, as tired listing agents may admit, is generally a very good month for buyers to negotiate discounts on properties before listing contracts expire and sellers calculate the cost of carrying an unsold home through the winter. Original research conducted

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Seasonality or “housing recovery” backslide? Crowdfund research & save money!

​Have you been waiting for the recent exuberance about the “housing recovery” to subside?  Looks like the national housing market has reached a tipping point: TIPPING POINT: Seasonality or housing recovery backslide? #Crowdfund research, save money!… @crowdtilt #DIY #realestate

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