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Use #WorldRefugeeDay to seed #Hack4REGood / #InnovationMinistry?

Wish I had known about the Vatican’s new StartUp accelerator a month ago when the call was still open for entries to their first group of ideas / companies. (share via social media) Have shared the link above with

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#ImpactREbates: Can we crowdfund social good out of real estate rebates?

.@ImpactHubBOS @edXOnline Look forward to learning more re #uLab, link moneysaving #realestate biz models to #SocialGood via #ImpactREbates — Bill Wendel (@RealEstateCafe) September 7, 2015 Historically, September has been a big month for Real Estate Cafe, and this year a

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Bidding War Cluster Bomb is homebuyer’s new Killer App

Tired of losing bidding wars, innovative DIY homebuyers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the few cities in the world to have it’s own Peace Commission, are using the Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard Business School today to leak information about

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Crowdfunding vs GreedFunding: How to redirect the “Double Dip”

Surveys show that the majority of consumers believe that real estate agents are overpaid. Does that mean individual agents are greedy?  Not necessarily but it does mean that the prevailing two-sided commission is obsolete, and the amount of compensation that

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CARPE DIEM! Group funding opportunity offers 16% ROI

  Insert image:  RebateCheckHands.jpg Over the past sixteen years, The Real Estate Cafe has experimented with a variety of alternative, money-saving approaches to real estate brokerage.  Today, we’re rolling our latest experimental dish: DIY crowd financing with a 16% ROI! 

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Proposal to turn ice cream truck into “Bailout Mobile” submitted to Awesome Awards

Background:  When The Real Estate Cafe bought an ice cream truck in January 2007, our hope was to repair the vehicle and create a mobile podcasting studio that could turn any open house into a BlockpARTy.  In addition to free

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DIY home buyers & FSBOs, join the Million Dollar March!

If you’ve arrived on this blog post by clicking our on banner ad on’s open house search page, click on any of the panels in our rotating ad above to learn more about The Real Estate Cafe’s track record

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Turning 1,000 cups of coffee into $1 million for AIDS orphans

Comment posted to The Barista Realtors of Tel Aviv Yes, it’s true that coffee and real estate go together but one need not open a real estate cafe to enjoy that experience. Everyday, thousands of real estate agents and their

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Billions in savings: Will real estate consumers extend a helping hand?

GiveahandIt’s Christmas 2007, and I am visiting extended family in St. Louis, my beloved boyhood home. Missouri is the "Show Me" state, so it’s a fitting setting to ask how much money have real estate consumers really saved since McKinsey & Company predicted that industry restructuring could deliver $30 billion in annual savings ten years ago?

Last week, BusinessWeek’s real estate blog, Hot Property, reported that home buyers and sellers paid $55 billion in commissions in 2007, down $13 billion from the peak in 2005. They attributed the decline to falling sales and noted that consumers paid $19 Billion more than 2000 "largely because of the surge in home prices during the boom."

What caught my attention was an estimate that "‘for sale by owner’ sellers saved almost $9 billion in home value that they otherwise would have paid to real estate agents." That figure is just shy of the $10 billion in savings from real estate brokerage commissions predicted by McKinsey & Company in January 1998.

How much more money did home owners save by using a flat-fee MLS listings services in 2007, AND how much more money home buyers receive via real estate rebates?

My guess is that those savings also exceeded $1 billion in 2007, and will grow in the future. As a "Change Agent," my question is whether home buyers and sellers are willing to share some of those savings with charitable causes? (Think "pay-it-forward" meets real estate savings.)

ChangeAgents‘s goal is to create a voluntary coalition of money-saving real estate business models and to invite their clients to share fraction of their e-commerce savings with local, national, and international causes of their own choice. Here’s one example of a "community commission."

If you’re part of the new generation of real estate companies delivering billions in savings, or if you’re hoping to sell "for sale by owner" or receive a real estate rebate check in 2008, would you like to join our conversation about ePhilanthropy & Cause Marketing in real estate?

Please let us know what about your own dreams for 2008 and a better world.

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Bono in Boston to challenge real estate industry to join (Product)RED?

Where is real estate’s Steve Jobs? a leading real estate industry guru wrote yesterday, asking who real estate consumers can trust.

IMHO, a single visionary is
unlikely to emerge and less likely to transform the trillion dollar
real estate industry than the collective actions of like-minded innovators. In the
absence of a formal coalition, maybe an outside influence, perhaps a
world-class celebrity, can help push the industry past a tipping point.
At least that’s my hope with Bono’s keynote speech tomorrow at the
mortgage bankers’ conference in Boston.

A Reuters headline says he’s simply there to lure mortgage brokers
to the event, but it’s more likely he’s there to challenge the real
estate industry to get involved in (product)RED or create their own
AIDS related fund raising campaigns. That was the subject of this blog
post seven months ago:

Creating a real estate version of (product)RED

Regardless of what Bono says tomorrow, any change agents — or home buyers and sellers — who are interested in building a voluntary,
industry-wide coalition to help real estate consumers save money AND
SAVE LIVES are invited to use
these resources as idea starters for their own cause marketing and fund
raising ideas:

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