CALLING ALL ANGELS: Can homebuyers separate real estate predators from protectors?


Created after the Second Vatican Council, today’s Feast of the Archangels is a very modern feast day and points to the Feast of the Guardian Angels on Thursday October 2. Is there a way for CruxNow — a new publication launched by the Boston Globe to reach approximately 3 million Catholics across Massachusetts — to use the next four days to demonstrate the contemporary nature of these twin feasts by talking about the role of / need for PROTECTORS in both our ordinary lives and struggles between good and evil worldwide?

Revisit the Homily of the Holy Father at the Inauguration of his Papal Ministry, and you will see that he uses the root word “PROTECT” thirty-three times in his thirteen paragraph address:

Tragically, there are too many examples of predators prevailing over protectors in the 50 years since Vatican II. For example, Citizens Rising Anti-Corruption Weekend at MIT exposed “how a predator elite took over the country politically,” and Charles Ferguson’s book addresses the same phenomena from another perspective, Predator Nation: How Wall Street Crashed the Economy & Got Off Scott Free

Is there a way to develop this predator vs protector theme by inviting @Crux readers to share their own stories, or to point out examples in their own lives — personal and professional — where guardian angels / human protectors have made a difference or are urgently needed?

Case study: Predators versus protectors in residential real estate

A recent “unconference” for real estate professionals hosted at District Hall in Boston exposed 25+ ways “Real Estate is Broken.” Ironically, real estate is the same industry that encourages hundreds of thousands of homeowners to bury St. Joseph, the protector of the universal church to bury statues upside-down to help sell homes. Can thinking Catholics and other believers demonstrate that we’re not interested in superstition, but that we are agents of social justice who are willing to protect people against injustice?

Right now in real estate, calls for disruption echoing insider and outside the industry point to the need for reforms and innovators to protect consumers. There’s no need to limit that quest to believers or type of real estate professional, but in an industry that has a system bias towards sellers, there is a special role for REAL buyer agents as guardian angels as this Google search reveals.

So two weeks after “Real Estate is Broken,” we’d like to host a real estate roundtable online and off on Thursday, October 2nd — the Feast of the Guardian Angels – to help homebuyers, particularly first-time homebuyers, under the difference between buyer agents and counterfeit buyer agents.  Significantly, too many of the 25+ ways real estate is broken can be traced back to the failure to understand and act in accordance with agency duties.

If there is interest, we’d also like to invite real estate consumer advocates to gather again at District Hall, or another local venue as well as online to acknowledge and celebrate our role as protectors, and to develop strategies to correct ways Real Estate is Broken.  Homebuyers, sellers and technology innovators are invited to participate in that ongoing conversation by joining us offline or following #RE2020 on Twitter.

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