Bubble Hour using “unconference format” to engage, inform homebuyers

In August, we posted a comment on Boston Bubble asking if “the housing market already entering the beginning of an unsustainable burst?”  Two months later, does this one-two punch validate our perspective and fears?

Housing bulls and bears may have knee jerk opinions, but the topic is complex, has billion dollar implications locally and trillion dollar implications nationally so it deserves more structured conversation than gabbing over food, MeetUp style.

We’ve got ideas about how to structure the content and conversation, but prefer to experiment with the “unconference style” agenda above.  That means we WANT homebuyers to (1) add discussion topics, (2) share observations from their experience, (3) offer original analysis or graphs, (4) make mini-presentations, (5) demo money-savings app and sites, or (6) simply submit questions about the housing market on the interactive Google spreadsheet.  If you like the idea, please share this editable document via social media:


Participants are welcome offline or on, using Google Hangout or ClickMeeting.  Contact us for details.


The Real Estate Cafe coined the phrase “Bubble Hour” and launched the first series in 2005.  Here’s a FLASHBACK from eight and a half years ago after Craiglist moderators deleted our post from their housing forum:

Bubble Hour” banned in Boston? (April 21, 2005)

“With Boston.com reporting that traffic on their real estate section surpassed 7 million pageviews for the first time in March 2005 and more than 1 million homes-for-sale searches, isn’t it fair to ask if consumers should think twice before rushing into an overheated housing market and to give them a forum — online and off — to learn more about the risks and benefits of buying in a real estate bubble?

To dismiss that question as spam seems to have been a disservice to CraigsList users.”

Please RSVP!

Location to be determined, which would you prefer?

1.  http://iyocafe.com in Somerville, MA or

2.  http://togetherinmotion.com (family friendly, bring the kids & maybe potluck, plenty of floor space in back room — assuming it’s open).

3.  Other?  Open to suggestions sent privately or submitted below as comments.

Participation welcomed offline or on via Google Hangout or ClickMeeting.  Please let us know if you’d like to join us.

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