Blockchain in Real Estate needs Consumer Focus to deliver #P2P Savings

03/24/17 ORIGINAL:  Looks like the Spring Meeting of RESO, an international Real Estate Standards Organization, will be doing some foundational work on blockchain in real estate and the PUID — Property Unique ID.  As you can see from the link and screen grab below, the morning of Wednesday, April 26 includes presentations by the Center for Realtor Technology and International Blockchain Real Estate Association (IBREA).

04/12/17  UPDATE:  If you visit the agenda shown below, you’ll see that the PUID update now includes Jon Mabe, VP- Engineering, Zillow Group, so that could be a significant sign that something REAL is happening.  What’s your take?



RESO is made up PRIMARY of techies who work for real estate portals and Realtor-controlled Multiple Listing Services.  Originally founded by the National Association of Realtors, they appear to work closely with the Center for Realtor Technology (@CRTLabs).  As such, their perspective — and for some members, their explicit mission — is to keep real estate agents at the center of the real estate transaction.

If you watch this video from the founder of IBREA, you’ll hear him talk about the inherently disruptive nature of blockchain but them paradoxically say that his company is courting the largest publicly traded real estate companies in the world. (Share via social media)

That raises questions about who’s looking out for consumers, ordinary buyers and sellers who can BILLIONS of dollars annually by #P2P transactions blockchain can enable.  This tweet addresses that potential and your thoughts are welcome: (Share via social media)

If RESO is focusing on the listing side of the industry because so many member are MLS / Realtor-centric, can we bring consumers into the emerging real estate ecosystem by taking the lead on the demand side with blockchain-enabled #HousingID’s? (Share via social media)

Doesn’t the story in yesterday’s Boston Globe about Boston’s broken real estate market is getting worse make that need / opportunity more urgent? (Share via social media)


Let’s use #RE2020 to aggregate and discuss real estate use cases that deliver savings to homebuyers and sellers after the MIT FinTech conference last week as well as the RESO meeting this week. If that’s also happening in other forums, please post links and development efforts our OPEN forum:  (Share via social media)

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