Beyond rethinking, reset real estate ecosystem by 2020

As I write, the students from Harvard’s law, business and design schools are co-hosting a Real Estate Weekend inviting students and innovators from around the country to rethink real estate.  Four years ago, the National Association of Realtors engaged tens of thousands of their members in interactive workshops entitled: RethinkFuture.

Both efforts reflect a growing awareness that real estate is changing, a recognition that’s attracted $3 billion dollars in investment in the past three years.

That number is tiny by comparison to what’s at stake:  a potential $30 billion dollars annually in consumer savings.  How do consumers — ordinary home buyers and sellers, not to mention a generation of Millennial challenged by unprecedented housing costs — get there from here?

#RE2020:  What will real estate look like in 2020?

Last weekend, a number of collaborators launched a bold experiment — a cross-sector unconference to ask, “What will the real estate ecosystem look like in the year 2020?”

Our goal is to reform / co-create a real estate ecosystem capable of delivering BILLIONS annually in consumer savings by the year 2020. With smart homes, smart cities, wearable devices, blockchain, drones, robots and more, the real estate ecosystem is expanding and new players are changing the existing business model.  In fact, a year ago the Realtors own strategic planning committee published a list of 50 ways the industry is vulnerable to disruption,:


Last weekend was the 1st in a series of unconferences and other events leading to November 2018, when the National Association of Realtors host their first annual convention in Boston. If anyone would like to follow our attempts to reform / disrupt the industry:

1. Follow / use #RE2020 —;

2. Join one of the working groups on our collaboration site:

3. Help identify ways we can work through existing organizations and MeetUp groups in Boston and beyond to transform this multi-trillion dollar industry.


Realtors know that the real estate ecosystem is changing, and if you look at their DANGERReport as an opportunity, we’d like to invite you to collaborate on coming events, including #RE2020’s next unconference.

The slider above shows a sample of them.  For more information, follow

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