Beware Ides of March: Don’t be betrayed by “Counterfeit Buyer Agents”

Twitter Don't Be Fooled

During the two weeks between the Ides of March and April Fool’s Day, will you help us raise awareness about the dangers of dual agency and “counterfeit buyer agency” by sharing this video with your social networks?  Read how this victim of dual agency was told by his “so-called buyer agent” to bid $70,000 over an eventual sales price.

Five years later, it’s tragically obvious that bloated housing values hurt more than individuals.  One in three households is upside down on their mortgage which means that millions of families were victimized by artificial housing prices driven, at least in part, by unethical brokerage practices.

Exposing the hypocrisy of dual agency, and it’s evil counterfeit buyer agency twin, “designated agency” has been a crusade for real estate consumer advocates, like The Real Estate Cafe, for more than 15 years. Protect your friends by sharing the video above and Pledge of Allegiance below via your social networks.

Does Your Buyer Agent Have a Conflict of Interest? Use this DIY Pledge form to find out!

Ask YOUR real estate agent to sign this Pledge!

PS. If you Tweet this or want to follow other Twitter posts over the next two weeks, use the hashtag #DumpDualAgency

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