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Will Pope’s encyclical expand Housing Justice Movement?

Homeownership rates are falling in Massachusetts and across the nation, and housing is back in newspaper headlines and nationally syndicated talk shows.  Here’s one perspective, that knowingly or unknowingly, points to the Pope’s encyclical on the environment and the prospect of a grassroots movement for

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Mega-Broker Portal: Will homebuyers be left Upstream without a buyer agent?

Anyone else trying to make sense of the controversy surrounding Upstream, the code name for the mega-Broker Public Portal? Yesterday, Inman News published a guest opinion asking:  “Will Upstream be good for everyone?”  Not only was this author’s answer NO,

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Uber-fication of Real Estate? Fee-for-service consultants available on-demand (for past 20 years!)

Very pleased that NPR’s nationally syndicated talkshow @OnPointRadio aired a program today about the on-demand economy: Uber, But For Everything We look at the “Uber-fication” of the marketplace.  On-demand services for almost anything, everything, are catching on. Changing our economy

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