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#MicroHousingLab 4/17-26: Are “Spinsters” leading the DIY co-living movement?

Commenting on WBUR / OnPointRadio program today on Spinsters:  At some point researchers say aging boomers, presumably both sexes, give up on finding a soulmate and look for / co-create a micro-tribe of their own. That may explain why woman

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Inequality hits home! Is housing affordability key to livability?

CARPE DIEM:  Two big events today!​ Inequality hits home!  Let’s use the release of AARP’s Livability Index today and Nobel Prize–winning economist Joseph Stiglitz’s talk tonight in Harvard Square to discuss how America became the most unequal advanced country in the world

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Fooled again? Let’s use tech to reform real estate / BLIND biddings wars

After nearly two months on the road, this April Fool’s Day finds me playing the Who’s classic to psyche myself up: Won’t be fooled again! / As aging baby boomers know, the lyrics are a mix of contradictions – “meet the new

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