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Going postal parody or good governance? Dual Agency is a joke!

BRAVO!!!  When money can buy political influence and the Colbert Report commands more respect than Congress, how refreshing to read that one government agency is chastising another for patronizing business practices based on a conflict of interest. And no, it’s

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Tech-Hub Housing: Tech invasion or labs for innovation, corrective collaboration?

“In Trulia’s hometown of San Francisco, tensions are high over the lack of affordable housing and the growing wealth of technology companies and their workers.” — 5 Truths of Tech-Hub Housing Costs, Trulia blog Techies driving up housing costs? is a question

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Fuming with “Holy Anger”? Can Millennials reform real estate, expand housing options?

Join us for a Q&A with @zillow CEO @spencerrascoff tomorrow at 5pm at the @HarvardGSD! — Harvard JCHS (@Harvard_JCHS) February 4, 2014 The “double whammy” that has Millennials fuming isn’t “just” a problem of mega-trends, like the two described

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