Open Data: What would real estate look like if there were no MLS?

Good morning, @_____________,

First, thank you for taking a minute to read this private message. I appreciate the thought you put into your comments on’s real estate blog, and have noted a number of times that our perspectives on the shortcomings of the real estate industry are similar.

Recognizing that, would you like to follow or join the conversation at a new Google+ Community I’ve set up to try to bring about long overdue reforms in the real estate industry? It’s called Real Estate Consumer Alliance, a name some long time consumer advocates have used on an ad-hoc basis over the past two decades to “fight” against anti-consumer practices, like legislation that created Designated Dual Agency.

As you can see from these links, some of content on the site is designed to ask real estate consumer advocates to assess progress over the last two decades:

Another section challenges change agents and real estate reformers to acknowledge failed efforts and learn from mistakes, a process known as “SmartFailing”:

Then, informed by those 20 year retrospectives, the site invites participants—including homebuyers, sellers, real estate professionals and app developers—to leap into the future by seeding 22 idea starters we call the “reVRM-Minifesto”

And tomorrow, as part of an international Open Data Day, we’d like to invite the same groups to ask “what would the real estate eco-system look like if there were no MLS?”

My sense is that you’d be a good person to ask to participate in a visioning exercise, or even facilitate them directly with consumers offline in the future. Is that anything you’d be interested in?

If not, please forgive this intrusion and know you are the first person I’ve asked. However, the process of writing the invitation leads me to wonder if I should turn this into a blog post so other thoughtful BREN blog readers and real estate consumers in general can respond.

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