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New Year’s resolution: Fact check reports of real estate “frenzy”

Hmmm… if MLS listings are expiring or being canceled at roughly the same pace as they are selling, is there really a problem with low inventory in Massachusetts?  Or is it a problem with unrealistic prices, unreal price appreciation during

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Lifeline or dead end: Can first-time homebuyers really compete with cash buyers?

Despite it’s laudable goals and a well-intended blog post today in, my sense is that the First Look program in Massachusetts, particularly in Boston, is a dead end, not a lifeline.  Beyond the dearth of inventory in MA is

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What can poverty teach about credibility, civility & global responsibility?

As one of millions of Mid-westerners with unending affection for their hometowns, I feel for Flint residents, current and past, who are deeply offended by a headline calling their home the “Most Apocalyptic, Violent City in America.”  But, as documented

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10 trends pointing to Group Housing, Intentional Communities too?

“It’s definitely a case of going back to the future,” one of the advocates Co-Living told NPR, but there’s a lot more than technology that brought them together. Here’s a top of the head list of 10 MEGA-trends pointing to

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Real estate predictions 2014: Have sellers already missed the best time to sell?

Ready to reset your assumptions about where the housing market is headed in 2014 and beyond?  Compared to other housing gurus, Mark Hanson looks at trends upside down and backwards; as buyer agents, that’s Real Estate Cafe’s perspective too.  So

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What would Geico do: REthink Council vs reThink Commissions?

Can Warren Buffett’s entry into real estate do for consumers what Geico – a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway – did for insurance?  So far, there’s no evidence Berkshire Hathaway Homes Services (BHHS) is launching a witty marketing campaign or offering a value

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DIY Homebuyers: Go PROACTIVE to identify “Intention Inventory,” avoid costs

Kudos to the Boston Globe for writing / blogging about a proactive house hunting strategy homebuyers used to create a win-win scenario with grateful if unintentional home sellers. Targeting homeowners who may sell in the future isn’t just “a new

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Double bind: Will soaring rent burdens shrink baby boomer nest eggs / inheritance?

Referencing the pain some homeowners suffered after the housing bubble,’s real estate blog asked Do renters have it tougher?  Baby boomers, before you begin family conversations over the Holidays about downsizing or transitioning aging parents, do the math: “More than half

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Real estate rebels plan Boston Realty Party to document slowdown, plot reforms

NEWS FLASH: Thanks to’s real estate blogger for validating the off-season price reductions we discovered and picking some transactions out of the data to write his blog post today. Homebuyers, please share this 140 character message via Twitter or

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Market snapshot confirms seasonal price reductions even in desirable towns

Yesterday, rightly blogged, Holiday season a gift for frustrated buyers.  Since there were so few comments and fewer facts, here’s a snapshot of what happened with single-family (SF) homes during the past month from a sample of six highly desirable towns

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