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Market Psychology: Thanksgiving vs TrustGiving in Real Estate

Without a doubt, thousands of real estate consumers across MA and millions across the nation are also counting their blessings this Thanksgiving — some grateful that they won bidding wars courtesy of the Fed’s 33% bonus, and others glad they

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Right-sizing your American Dream: An extra bedroom or 1/3rd off the price?

On Saturday, one of the Real Estate Cafe’s new clients, a five-person household (husband, wife and three kids under 11) seriously considered making an offer on a two-bedroom condo in Cambridge. When I shared this experience with my adult daughter

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Neighbors in a post-Snowden era: Would N-Scores increase Happiness?

To ask “Are you the neighborhood snob?”, as’s real estate blog did yesterday, misses the point of Trulia’s Neighbor Survey.  Is anyone else concerned that 2/3rds of American say they like their neighbors, but nearly half don’t know their

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