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Mr. President, how can we create an open, transparent, fair & affordable housing market?

Won’t you love to ask President Obama a question about the housing market or turn your complaints into a Real Estate Consumer Bill of Rights?  The White House is hosting a housing Q&A online so let’s seize the opportunity to do that

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Seasonality: Insider’s guide to cool deals in HOT neighborhoods

From comments thus far, looks like readers have missed the significance of seasonality in a blog post today about buying in HOT neighborhoods. The featured buyer timed the housing market a year before the last boom / bust cycle

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Whisper listings open questions, highlight benefits of Proactive House Hunting

When whispers scream my house is for sale, who needs a listing broker?  Or for that matter the MLS?  Isn’t that what Pocket Listings, Quiet Listings, and Whisper Listings have been demonstrating for the past six months in California and

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