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Want to Hangout & hack headlines about housing recovery?

Keeping our eyes wide open for insights into Runaway prices, we’re asking readers for links and quotes from good news stories that deconstruct the 10%+ rise in median housing prices in MA during April 2013. We’re looking for hard-hitting facts

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What’s really happening with luxury single-family homes across Massachusetts?

When it comes to real estate stats (or should I say spin?), Lily Tomlin was right: “No matter how cynical you become, it’s never enough to keep up.”  Blog posts and press releases last week from Redfin, Mass. Association of

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Call for Complaints: Top 10 Issues Facing Real Estate Consumers

Friday,’s real estate blog screamed, Misleading listings have buyers fuming.  The complaint drew few echoes; instead readers said, in one way or another, there are much bigger problems in the real estate industry that need reform. Monday, thousands of Realtors

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Crowdfunding vs GreedFunding: How to redirect the “Double Dip”

Surveys show that the majority of consumers believe that real estate agents are overpaid. Does that mean individual agents are greedy?  Not necessarily but it does mean that the prevailing two-sided commission is obsolete, and the amount of compensation that

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Discouraged house hunters: Time to Persevere or go Proactive?

The Real Estate Cafe turns eighteen this year, and as the highlights below demonstrate, we’re coming of age.  But while perseverance may be the key to successful entrepreneurs, it may be costly for prudent homebuyers who sat out the last

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