FLASHBACK: DIY Web publishing for real estate 1999 vs 3Q2012

​DIY home buyers and FSBOs:  Think about real estate websites you’ve used, from real estate portals, like Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com, to real estate brands, like Coldwell Banker and Redfin.  

  • What features to you like best?
  • What frustrates you the most?
  • If you could design a site to meet your needs, what’s on your wish list for features and functionality?

The Real Estate Cafe is updating it’s website to automatically reformat for any device, from laptop, to tablet, to smartphone so let us know how we can enhance your mobile user experience.  Got any ideas for killer apps to help DIY peers save money?  That’s our mission, and has been we opened in 1995 (watch 80 second video on our new home page).

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