DIY Homebuyers, November is “Let’s make a deal month”

November, as tired listing agents may admit, is generally a very good month for buyers to negotiate discounts on properties before listing contracts expire and sellers calculate the cost of carrying an unsold home through the winter.

Original research conducted by The Real Estate Cafe has revealed surprisingly large savings in the past,  particularly in luxury price ranges.  So, if you’ve been timing the housing market, is there any MLS research we can do to help inform your bargain hunting strategy based on negotiated savings in your target market?  If so, please let us know immediately so we can complete the work before we leave at the end of next week for the National Association of Realtors convention in Orlando.

As in the past, The Real Estate Cafe is asking clients it’s fee-for-service clients to “crowdfund” our trip by purchasing customized research or pre-purchasing professional services at a discounted rate. The real payback, however, is the opportunity for us to identify new trends and tools that we can use to help our DIY, homebuyer clients save BIG money any time.

There’s lots going on inside and more importantly OUTSIDE the real estate industry that could make our “proactive house hunting” strategies an appealing option for some tech-savvy homebuyers who are tired of bidding wars.  If you’d like to learn more about that opportunity, please email RealEstateCafe [at] to schedule a DEMO.

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