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April Fool’s Day coming early? Beware bidding war hype, manipulation

Have you see the front page news yet? Bidding wars are back, or at least that’s what some buyers are experiencing as they house hunt across Eastern Massachusetts. Have you see the front page news yet? Bidding wars are back, or

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Real estate bidding wars: If U can’t beat’em, regulate or preempt ’em

“Is there a way to really determine when other buyers truly exist? ” Perceptivelistener, CandresVRM addressed your question yesterday in one of the 20+ posts that was erased. Fortunately, I copied part of his response in my comment which is

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Relaunching “St. Joseph Statue Buyback Program” for expired listings

Good news / bad news? Looks like the Feast of St. Joseph passed yesterday without any coverage on @WSJrealestate, @Realtors, or @InmanNews, the leading real estate technology site.

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Beyond superstition: Is St. Joseph turning real estate upside down?

Catholics don’t believe in luck, they believe in prayer and Divine Providence. And Social Justice.  And in President Kennedy’s immortal words, “God’s work on earth must truly be our own.” So, was it providential to receive an email last night offering to develop

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Beware Ides of March: Don’t be betrayed by “Counterfeit Buyer Agents”

During the two weeks between the Ides of March and April Fool’s Day, will you help us raise awareness about the dangers of dual agency and “counterfeit buyer agency” by sharing this video with your social networks?  Read how this victim of

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DRAFT: Sample titles

BLOG FIGHT: Will real buyer agent please sign Pledge of Allegiance? IDES OF MARCH: Don’t be fooled! Ask “your” agent who they represent! Don’t be FOOLED again! DIY Pledge exposes “Counterfeit Buyer Agents” Beware Ides of March: Don’t be betrayed

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Can consumer education wake “sleeping giant of consumer movement?”

In December 1993, Gail Shaffar, then New York Secretary of State, warned the Consumer Federation of America that “real estate is the sleeping giant of the consumer movement.”  Her warning — unheeded by policy makers — has been vindicated by the worst housing bubble in American history.

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Consumer Protection 2.0: Can real estate agents really see / do that?

Insert What’s wrong with dual agency? Regardless of how you access the MLS, did you know that real estate agents can see every property you view on their website?  Seen by the right eyes, that’s a powerful tool; but what if

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Social Search: Time to try proactive house hunting?

“The Sunday paper has some listings, the

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Consumer Protection Week: Got Real Estate Consumer Bill of Rights?

Are the stars aligning?  Two weeks after the White House issued a blue print for a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is participating in its secondNational Consumer Protection Week.  Time to revisit the Real Estate Consumer Bill of Rights first published in

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