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TweetUp: Bubble Hour to celebrate “Triple Dip” in housing market?

Insert Beer Googles Monthly and quarterly housing statistics are being released today from local and national sources and we ready to celebrate — prices are down again!  As our DIY homebuyer clients know from The Real Estate Cafe’s previous blog and intranet posts,

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SELLER BEWARE: Listing agent report cards expose veteran dual agents

Insert Veteran Dual Agent image Yesterday we blogged from the buyers’ side of the transaction, today it’s the sellers’. Yesterday we blogged from the buyers’ side of the transaction, today it’s the sellers’.  It’s biblical wisdom, you can’t serve two masters but that’s not

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Dual agency vs designated agency? Dumb vs dumber

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Buyer Beware: FREE-for-service vs Fee-for-Service real estate agents

Insert Thumbtack screen Two weeks ago, I disclosed that I am attending Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class for the third time.  Tonight’s lesson is one home buyers should heed: Buyer Beware. As consumer advocates with a long track record of championing money-saving real estate business

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DIY Homebuyers: How avoid short-changing yourself


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TweetUp: Crowdsourcing expired listings, pending sales & bidding wars

I LOVE MAPS, collaborative maps online to be more specific. Six years ago, I was surprised and thrilled that Real Estate Bubble Maps our clients helped create were awarded the “Best Real Estate Map of 2006,” by Platial, one of the original (now defunct) wikimaps.  So when

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Traditional full-service, full-fee listings agents versus FSBO

FSBO on Steroids Step 1:  Prepare for the Sale View other slideshows created by Real Estate Cafe When we launched our “FSBOs on Steroids” slideshow eight years ago, we began with the end in mind: helping real estate consumers save money by minimizing real

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IDEA BAR: Brainstorming TweetUps at secret locations tonight in Boston

IDEA BAR: Brainstorming TweetUps at secret locations tonight in Boston Martin Luther King’s mentor, Howard Thurman, said “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people

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Turning housing bust headline into win-win-win for expired listings

#DIY #HOMEBUYERS: #TweetUp or #Google+ #Hangout to discuss Home of housing bust… via @BostonDotCom #RealEstate #Bubble — Bill Wendel (@RealEstateCafe) February 15, 2012 Readers of this blog may recognize that the lead story today in today’s Boston Globe — Home

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Dual agency detective exposes love & betrayal in luxury home market

Yesterday, we blogged about the eye-popping phenomena of Million Dollar Markdowns across Massachusetts.  Today, Valentine’s Day 2012, we’re turning our attention to another controversial subject — love and betrayal in the luxury home market. We didn’t set out to expose conflicts of

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