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Mock this! Do real estate agents disparage DIY & alternative fees?

Wow, @GJEL, the half-dozen points you make in your series of comments on’s real estate blog post, Expired and cancelled listing and the winter market, are so revealing: This article could not be more timely for me as a seller

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Call for “alternative” win-win solutions for expired & canceled listings

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Will the housing market thaw in 2012? Are we “Dreamrs”?

WOW!  Near record temperatures in January!  Will 2012 be the year the housing market thaws in Boston?  Are we dreaming?  Home buyers, particularly anyone who has been waiting for housing prices to bottom out, let us know what you see coming in

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Homebuyer Survey: Where are Boston housing prices headed in 2012 & beyond?

Keeping an eye on real estate in Massachusetts?  DIY homebuyers, visit our new experimental blog and tell us where you see Boston housing prices going in 2012 and beyond.

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