CARPE DIEM! Group funding opportunity offers 16% ROI


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Over the past sixteen years, The Real Estate Cafe has experimented with a variety of alternative, money-saving approaches to real estate brokerage.  Today, we’re rolling our latest experimental dish: DIY crowd financing with a 16% ROI!  We’re not talking about crowd funding someone’s mortgage or downpayment at this point; just a short-term loan of $1,600 to meet our operating expenses.

We’ve already received $650, and would like to raise the balance of the $950 ASAP.  Please note, we’re NOT asking for donations!  Anyone lending money will be REPAID by approx. September 20, 2011, after we receive a referral fee on the sale of a townhouse in Cambridge, MA. To get people to act TODAY, we’re offering a guaranteed 16% rate of return, so for every $100 you advance, you get back $116.  How does that compare to the rate of return you’re getting from your bank or other investments?

Why 16%? Because we’re celebrating our 16th anniversary acting as consumer advocates and Guardian Angels for home buyers.  After trillions of dollars have been lost in home equity around the country, the services of a tech-savvy buyer agent — with ZERO conflict of interest — is more important than ever (see our video and article in Wall Street Journal about our 100% rebate option).

We need funds ASAP, first to pay rent and second to relaunch our website on (see image of original site from 1995).  Although this is only the second time we’ve asked clients to “chip-in” to meet our own needs, we first proposed a DIY micro-fundraising campaign a decade ago called ASAP = AIDS Shelter Alliance Partners and encourage all of our clients to share a portion of their rebate with local organizations through our informal “Rebate-it-Forward” program.

If you’re a past client, current client, or just want a quick return on a small investment, call or text us at 617-661-4046.

PS.  If you think 16% is a good rate of return, ask how much money our home buyer clients have saved in the past.  Once called one of “100 Interesting, Influential & Impressive People in Real Estate on Twitter,” we invite you to follow us on to see what we cook-up next!

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